Had a full house this July

Family came for summer vacation for the whole month

So happy to have my house back. I enjoy a family visit but a month long one was really  hard. I was able to keep my cool and not hat a breakdown. I think having my little cousin here was the best, if it was just my aunt I might have runaway. It was hard not being able to sew and work like I like. Never know how much I love it until I don’t get to do it. I miss it.

I have a lot of work to knock out and then it’s back to costume work and planning.

But the visit wasn’t all in vain. My 14 year old cousin asked me to teach her how to sew. She was the best student and picked up things really quickly. She made a makeup bag set and a 1920s kimono robe. We skipped the easy pillow and pillow case lesson. Just jump right in there.  Her first sewing lesson was to insert a zipper.  She was a true gem and I’m going to miss her.


I’m happy I get my sewing room back and can get to  back to my normal routine.


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