The Scarab Costume

Well I have decided to enter  this costume contest HERE at Your wardrobe unlocked. I entered  last years and this year. I won last years and it was great fun making something I never made. This year the theme is Insects, cool I guess.  I’m not a big fan of insects and I really wish it was something else. But I will take it on and I will love it.

I really don’t have a set ideas on anything to do. I did think about doing Bees. I love bees. I have a wonderful fantasy Queen Bee costume that includes a Honeycomb crown and wings.

but in the back of my head I’m telling myself that Someone else is going to do a bee in some fashion. Bees are easy. Same with butterflies and ladybugs.

The only other bug I had in my mind was a Scarab.

I was really excited about choosing the scarab after my trillionth  re-watch of The Mummy( the one from 1999)


I was also inspired by some beautiful Egyptian Scarab brooches that I have seen that have really beautiful

Some of those little beauties….

A French Egyptian Revival Art Deco beetle brooch
Vintage Egyptian Revival Real Scarab Beetle Brooch Pin Winged Wings Art Nouveau

I’m thinking I would go art nouveau  a la Mucha meets Gibson Girl Camille Clifford meets Egyptian Goddess with this one. Something soft and beautiful yet strong and sexy.


The Seasons: Spring, Summer (1898)
Alphonse Mucha


Camille Clifford

I would like to incorporate the scarab somehow but I haven’t figured that out just yet.


first things first (and my favorite part)

Some research on the history and mythology the Scarab in ancient Egypt. Who doesn’t love a research project?


header picture is from Here



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