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Sending it by Air Mail

After a week of unpredictable weather we finally have a sunny day. Wonderful spring weather.

That means I can finally pull out the sundresses. And one dress I have been waiting on wear was an obvious choice for first pick.

The adorable little air mail vintage plane print fabric I found on sale. I told myself I was going to ease up on the fun prints and start dressing like a mature 28 year old but I just can’t help myself. I love an adorable print and I love it even more when it’s on sale.

As every story goes I never intended to go out and buy fabric that day but I ended up in the fabric store  and I ended up in the sale section. I’m like a moth to the flame just drawn to cute sale fabrics. It was the first fabric to catch my eye.


Prefect for a simple everyday dress. I already knew I was going to cut my go to basic bodice and full skirt I drafted in school. It’s my favorite style and I love it.

SAM_2467SAM_2466SAM_2465SAM_2464SAM_2462SAM_2459SAM_2458SAM_2457SAM_2455 c1

It’s nothing special but it is comfortable and cute. The perfect combination for running errands and avoiding the fabric store(I will not be able to do)

I loved the fabric so much I went back and bought more so I can make my little niece a matching dress.


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