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Seen on the Screen: Grantchester Polka Dots

I love making versions of my favorite dresses I see on tv or in movies. Costumes are one of my favorite part of watching films.

In March I had decided to recreate a dress that had caught my eye on one of favorite tv shows, Granchester. Granchester has everything I love in a good program.

  1. A Murder of the week
  2. 1950s fashion, lifestyle
  3. set in an adorable English village
  4. wonderful dynamic between the leads
  5. a cute dog
  6. last but not least a HANDSOME LEAD ACTOR

I had saw the dress when the episode air last year but I only just had the chance to make it when I started re-watching the 2nd season. There are very few women that make fashionable appearances on the show unless you count some of the lovely extras in the background (I do). In season two episode three Amanda(one of 4 lead ladies on the show) wears this lovely yet simple polka dot dress. I knew i had to have it and I don’t wear polka dots as the only motif on the dress. It didn’t matter that I can’t stand the character and could live with out her. I liked the dress.


Lovely right? Perfect for anything; running errands,church, court, a date, wedding guest… it had to be in my wardrobe.


I went out and get fabric. A basic Navy Blue cotton. I decided to go for a smaller size dot then the dress on the show. I really didn’t like how big it looked in person.


for the pattern I already had pieces drafted from other dresses the would fit perfectly together to give me a similar silhouette.

Now I always make changes to any dress to fit my tastes. And even though I loved the detail on the sleeve I just didn’t like how it felt on my arms.


Such Beautiful detail on the sleeves and I wish I could stand draping on my upper arms. But alas I had to go with a basic cap with a similar shape.

Without the cute sleeve detail the dress was looking a bit boring. There wasn’t much I could really do without changing the dress to much. After a bit of thinking I decided to add a little detail to the neckline.


Adding two little slashes was perfect. It didn’t change the dress too much but the dress was no long just a plain plain dress.

It was a pretty quick dress to make. From cutting to hemming the dress was made in one day. Done in one day with the exception of the belt. I just got around to making the belt but now I want to change the buckle to a matching fabric covered one.

SAM_2449 c3

The gold buckle it’s bad I just think a matching fabric one will work best.

I’m working on a lovely hat. She’s wearing a hat, I love wearing hats. Why not?  A post on that when I’m done.




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