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Lady Hufflepuff

This Hufflepuff is a Glamourpuff

No wand needed(this one time)

I finally got a chance to wear my Hufflepuff dress and it’s the best thing ever.

My cousin was in town and I took advantage of having another person around to take pictures. Since I had a helping hand I decided that we needed to leave the home and head downtown. Downtown is pretty much a ghost town in our little country town. Most of the buildings are old and abandoned. There is a sad beauty about the town. Besides a few cars driving by  we were the only people there.


Our first stop was an old store front. I have seen this sign a few time when I’m downtown. I was in love with this sign. It’s caught my eye and I knew I wanted to get pictures in front of it.

When my cousin and I showed our Grandmother the pictures she stated,”Oh gosh that is a very old store”.

I tried to do a little research on the company but coming from a small town I didn’t find much. The most information I was able to find was in an centennial book about the town. It was a small paragraph about the owner and founder of Henry Marx Co


Henry Marx a German immigrant who cam to America in 1889 at the age of sixteen. He lived Arkansas then moved to Chicago and Michigan working for a few companies including a clothing company. He moved back to Arkansas and in 1895 he open his first store on Main Street. He moved locations a few years after that into the larger building where the sign with his name still stands. This store was the place to go if you wanted the best men’s and boys’ clothing.  It was the largest establishment and it was high class. Two stories of the best hand selected fashions. Marx also was the director of the Cotton Belt Trust Company and was the owner of twelve hundred acres of land.

I found an article for 1996 that stated the store closed that year. I couldn’t read the whole article cause the site asked for money. But I did find out that the store stayed in the Marx family until it’s last day.




Next we headed to the Historical Museum. The museum was housed in the old Union Station right next to the train tracks. It was closed and I’m not sure it’s permanent of not. but we only wanted to use the exterior. The station was built in 1906 by the Iron Mountain Railroad company. The station  was giving to the city in the 50s and became a historical site in the 70s.


Surround by a block of abandoned buildings, some construction, and beautiful fall colored trees we took advantage of our setting that seemed to have been forgotten in time.




Even for a very cold day we had a bit of fun running around the birth place of Kay Linaker(co-screenwriter for The Blob)


Outfit Stats

Photo taken by: EvereadiMedia My cousin’s company so check her out.





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