Sewing Projects

A little bit of Magic

Finally a chance to myself. The last two weeks have been crazy and I am slowly getting back to normal. And then it will be crazy again for Christmas.

Before getting the home ready to host Thanksgiving I was able to finish working on my November sewing project.My November sewing project was inspired by the film Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. I was really excited for the film release and wanted to make a dress.

First things first, you should know I am a proud Hufflepuff!

So I decided to go for a Hogwarts House inspired dress in the Hufflepuff house colors, Black and Yellow.  I already knew which pattern I was going to use and how i wanted the dress to look. It was all coming together in my head. I wanted a wool fabric so I can  I even knew I wanted tartan/plaid fabric. So all I needed to do was find a tartan plaid in yellow and black color

Now to find the fabric….

After searching a few sites. Looking through page after page of fabric I finally came across the perfect fabric. It was black and yellow, wool and plaid. And the cherry on top it came in 56′ wide. The fabric is light enough to make a dress and still keeps me warm like a good wool should.



Now that I had my fabric I was able to get my lining fabric and other notions. I had planned to cover my own buttons for the dress so I bought a package of buttons.

After two days of pattern work and cutting out the fabric I was able to get to work. I started with the easiest thing covering the buttons. I have buttons on the bodice, cuffs, and on the hat.


Two days of work and I had a bodice.


I had put the bodice together three because my plaids would not match up perfectly.  The third try is when I got close enough and and can’t tell  because of the button is over it. the buttons saved my day. Once I had the collar and cuff on I was able to see the finish dress clearly. I knew I was heading in the right direction for this dress.


In the rush of trying to get finish I never got pictures of the skirt while I was working on it.

after two days a of hand sewing I was finished.



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