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Well Hello Autumn

Well the whole month of September went by so fast I couldn’t keep up. I did mange to get a few thing done. Not much sewing, surprising seeing it was National Sewing Month. I had a few cosmetic bag orders and I did mange to make myself something. It’s the first thing I have made myself since I had put myself on a fabric embargo earlier this year. As soon as the set time had passed I ran out and got a few yards of  Autumn themed fabric.



I was hoping to get a dress out off the fabric but I was short a yard and a half for the dress I wanted so I made a skirt instead.  I love skirts and I have a lovely red sweater that would look lovely with  the print. I made a lovely circle skirt(it’s my favorite skirt shape) a bit longer then I do for summer and was ready to wear.  Problem..

It was still too hot to wear a sweater the whole month of September. The only time during the day that called for a sweater was early mornings and even I won’t dress up to take the dog for a walk. I waited day after day for the weather to cool down, then finally October 1st. A lovely cool day that called for sweaters.

It finally felted like fall outside.

So why not dress as Mother Nature’s third daughter Autumn while out running errands. I had to go grocery shopping and fabric shopping. Already saw fabric I want to get  for Christmas.

Whipped out the new skirt just in time for the leaves to start changing. I can’t stay away from a floral/ foliage print.



Also made a some lovely Autumn accessories to wear. I had made a few golden Mum hair flowers with pine cones and acorns.

Hair flowers are available for sale Here.

I had a few leftover craft supplies from making hair flowers and decorating the house so I made a brooch.


Nothing is too crafty to fashionably wear.

Yorkshire even got in on the Autumn “photo shoot” more like jumping in to get my attention.



When I tried to take his picture he just looked away. I guess this is his good side.


Well it’s now October and I’m getting ready to start costume work. I have Yorkshire’s and mine all sorted out and I can’t wait to get started. I also have a costume commission for a Four year old boy. I love doing children costumes, so I’m really excited about that.


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