Little Witchlings

So September is National Sewing Month. Well six days in and I have been busy.

In the process of trying to organize my sewing stuff and fabric stash, I came across some fabric from old projects. I’m not just taking a few scrapes. I found yards of unused fabric. There wasn’t enough to make myself anything useful so I made the next best thing. Little girls clothes, most of the fabric was Halloween themed so it was prefect for little witchlings.

The first dress I made was from the left over fabric from one of my Halloween skirts. A beautiful Gothic purple with spiders and webs printed all over. I love this fabric. I had just enough of that fabric to make a dress for a 12 month old. I decided to make it fun and instead of just one whole dress covered and spiders. I just had the print on the bodice and made a tulle skirt. I also made a matching elastic headband with a bow. I love a bow and it wouldn’t be complete without a bow.


There are two ties at the waist that tie and make a bow  in the back that I have just realized I fought to take a picture of.(ugh)

Yesterday I finished up on the second Little Witchling number. This time a skirt.  I had two yards of this adorable ghost fabric that would be perfect for it.I drafted the skirt based on an a vintage ad from the 50s that had little girls in their little skirts. I thought the little high waist skirt was cute. It’s just a simple full circle skirt with a zipper in the back.  Added button details to the waist band.



And of course I had to make matching bows.sam_1987

My first two National Sewing month projects are done.

and I’m ready for my next project

An Autumn leaves dress for me. I had finally got my hand on new fabric for myself and I can’t wait for a new dress.






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