Where the Wild Things Are

A few weeks ago my mom called and mentioned she was planning a party for 1 year old’s birthday. The theme was  Where the Wild Things Are. She also mentioned how the mother wanted to dress the little boy up like Max, in his little Wild Thing monster costume.  What ever their conversation was I was told the young lady wanted a costume for her baby. I love making costumes for children. My best customer is my nephew Jalin, who has been on a dinosaur kick for the last two years. I have been making dinosaur  after dinosaur and he wants another one for Halloween. I was happy to make anything other than a dinosaur.

I gathered my supplies and  was ready to sew.


Max costume supplies
  • Ivory winter fleece
  • Gold knit Lame
  • 12″ zipper
  • a few sheet of felt(tan and dark brown)
  • Dark Brown embroidery floss
  • Velcro
  • tail supplies(list below)
  • 1/4″ wide elastic
  • 1/2″ wide elastic


The first thing I made was the tail. I was trying to keep cost low so I nixed any idea to use faux fur. it’s not cheap even if you get get just half a yard. I ran though many options in my head. There weren’t many to start but marabou boa was one that I keep thinking about. But every boa I looked at just looked sick and thin. Then I glanced over at my yarn crate and Bingo. I could make the tail from yarn. A yarn tail would be light weight and still sturdy for playful toddler.


Tail Supplies

  • Yarn
  • scissors
  • Pet brush

I tried out a few different lengths for the tail using the cheaper Red Heart yearn until I was happy. I know I could have just measure but it gave me a reason to make little tails for Yorkshire to play with.


When I found a length and thickness I was happy with I made the braid in the all brown yarn.


After a few hours of brushing I had my tail. Sadly forgot to get a picture of tail before stitching to the costume. I used the same technique for the fur that trims the crown.

The next I made the buttons. The button are made from felt and embroidery floss. And again I forgot to get picture before adding them to the costume. they were pretty simple and quick. I grabbed a can of green beans(any can would do) and traced a few circles out. After that I marked out 2 inch long lines crossing each other in the middle of each circle. From there, I threaded the floss

The costume is a basic toddler onesie pattern with a hood and booties. I did make a few changes. I added a zipper in the back instead of in the front. I didn’t add ears since the crown was going to sewn onto the hood. Plus the fabric store cut my fabric slated and I didn’t have enough for ears in the end.

Day one: onesie, tail, and buttons

Day two: hood, crown,and booties

After two days of work I had the cutest little costume.


Max is ready to go to his new home in Las Vegas.


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