Rainy Mondays

It’s has been raining on and off all weekend and it’s still raining today. Lucky for me I was able to mow the lawn before all this. I would have had a jungle out there by the time it all dried up.

Rainy days  are a great day for sewing and crafting(not that I already don’t do those things everyday)


In between the rain showers Yorkshire and I would go out into the garden for a bit. the rain a beat up some of the roses but there are a few new buds that should be blooming soon. We also have new veggies growing and more tomatoes. The new additions are two young Spaghetti Squash. I have been waiting all summer for signs from the squash. Had plenty of flowers(i guess the males) but that was all that keep growing. Finally two week ago I finally saw some progress.

SAM_1926SAM_1924  One has made it’s home among the tomatoes the other is all alone. Hopefully we will have more in the coming weeks. I can’t wait until they have matured and ripened. I already have the first  recipe I want to try.

We had some visitors join us when the rain cleared up. I was able to get a shot of a few before Yorkshire tried to play(chase) them

And we found some leaves in a nearby tree already turning red.

When we weren’t in the garden I was test dyeing fabric my cousin. We are going to add a fabric trim to her towels to jazz the up. She going to collage and wanted to color match.

She couldn’t find a fabric that she liked in a color that she liked. I told her we cold dye it. I love dye even if it’s s bit of a mess.

She brought a grey fat quarter and I already had purple dye from another project.

Did’t take long to dye the fabric. and I had a little nosy supervisor watching over me as I worked.

He was just waiting to go outside and play in the mud. Which we did while I washed and dried the fabric.

After a quick wash and dry the fabric was ready for a picture to send to my cousin. I’m pretty happy with the color.


I like the color that came out. I’m waiting for her to come over to take a look. I hope she likes it.

It’s been a pretty slow lovely rainy day and I think Yorkshire and I are going to watch a movie and have a little nap before our evening walk.





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