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Look for the Bare Necessities

the simple bare necessities of life.

Finally remembered to take pictures of this skirt  months after making it. So here’s the story….

Growing up  one of my favorite movies was The Jungle Book. I watched it everyday. I even potty trained with it on, sitting with the train potty in front of the tv. My mom and Aunt love to tell me how I use to grab any adults hand and say “come on Papa Bear”. I even knew that Mowgli was SMITTEN  when he saw the little girl at the end of the movie. And yes I said the words smitten to the amazement and shock of my mother. She still has no idea where I could have heard that word.

Disney’s The Jungle Book 

When I first heard that Disney was making a live action version I was pretty excited. And what do I do when I’m excited about something, I make something to wear that inspired by it. There was a problem, there is only a small hand full of Jungle Book theme fabrics out there and those prints look  very juvenile. I’m talking baby/toddler bedroom prints. I could make my own print but I was blocked on what the print could be. No ideas were coming to mind I almost gave up and put it on NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN list of projects. Other project came up and I was sewing other things, but I never gave up on the idea. I was always checking to see if more/new fabric had came out. Nothing, Until I was working on another dress while listening to Disney soundtracks, an idea popped into my head. I had just heard Bare Necessities and it was still playing in my head. That was it, Bare Necessities, that’s what I wanted as my print. I was pretty proud of this idea, yet it didn’t feel complete yet. I went back to work and twenty minutes later another light bulb came on. Prickly Pears. That was my missing part.

Now I need to figure out how I wanted the print to look. I went to work. Trying different motifs, colors, patterns. Did I want an all over print or border?  Did I want the skirt to be red, green,yellow, etc. Few day of  playing around with different looks, I settled for one that I truly loved. My print was border, my skirt color was peach with green and red.  I was pretty happy I had to do I order my fabric and wait for it to get here.

The waiting is the hardest part. it seems like months go by until it arrives. But when it does it’s like Christmas.

Unpacked and washed


When I came time to make the skirt I made a simple gather full skirt with waistband and zipper closure on the side. Nothing fancy and I was done in a few hours.


SAM_1875 c2SAM_1874 c1SAM_1876 c3SAM_1886 c8SAM_1884 c5


The fabric is just a basic cotton and it wrinkles pretty fast and easily. But it’s cool and light.

I still need to make some accessories to wear. maybe a pair of prickly pear earrings and a Baloo brooch.


Yorkshire loves it. I’m going to have to resize the print to make him a matching collar.




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