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Blue Roses and Yorkshire

Pulled out the blue rose dress to wear on this seeming decent day. Never know when the sun decides to fry us to a crisp.

It’s been a year since I last wore this dress. I made it last year for summer family vacation. I made the whole family coordinating outfits and the common theme was blue flowers. I wish i had a picture of all of us. It just never crossed my mind at the time. I even tried to find some of the construction photos(only this one). I only took maybe 2 or three I was making a lot of dress at the time. Everyone’s outfit matched them and their style, so mine was vintage 1950s inspired. I even made a matching rose hat, it’s just too hot to wear any extras. It’s 100% cotton so the dress is perfect for these Southern Summers.

SAM_1802 b2SAM_1805 b

I had a little photo bomber trying to steal the spotlight.

We decided to share and look adorable together.

SAM_1797 bSAM_1796 b2SAM_1795 b3SAM_1794 bSAM_1793 bSAM_1792 b


Also You can see a bit of my new Tea dress, can’t wait to wear that….


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