Busy Day

just a day of completing orders, planning the next batch of orders, ordering fabric and baby/maternity stuff.

Sent off an bulk order of cosmetic bags I had. All black & white and one blue & white one. Saving up for next year summer vacation.

I got another few orders just as I finished the last one. I have been washing and preparing fabric for cutting.


I ordered Yorkshire’s collar fabric. He’s growing out his collars every week. I decided to make it from the  dress fabric. The “What the Dickens” print fits him perfectly because he is simply a little devil. I only need to resize the print size making it smaller for him.SAM_1576

I got the resize done and ordered the fabric. New collar for Yorkshire soon.

I also got a started on a few baby booties. Another fun thing to crochet. They are so adorable. I also have a newborn vintage baby layette to make.


I have to finish up the Navy and White pair, then it’s on to the pink & grey pair.

All the baby theme sewing and crochet I have been doing for the last month is for a good reason.

My Sister is having another baby. So sticking with the theme She called and asked if I would make her a maternity pillow. I’m really excited to try this out. Our plan is she goes pick out her fabric and send it to me, I make the pillow with a zipper, I ‘m not going to stuff it, I send the pillow to her with out stuffing it. Smaller packing, less money. She knows how to stuff a pillow and all she has to do is zip it up.


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