Garden Play

There was a power outage last night and I lasted up until 2 this afternoon. Well since I could sew Yorkshire and I played out in the garden a little bit longer.

After running a round a bit I decide to take picture of my beautiful new roses. The Always and Forever roses are my second rose bush and they have bloomed. Such a gorgeous red and velvet like petals, they are just romantic.


They are giving me wonderful ideas for the Belle dress I’m working on for next year to celebrate the live action Beauty and the Beast that Disney is releasing. I love a princess movie and I made a dress for live action Cinderella last year. So why not make one inspired by Belle, I figure I could keep it up if the keep making the movies.

The idea in my head is going to require me to learn a new skill. Looking forward to it.

We also have a some tomatoes growing this year. At the moment only three are just about ready for picking soon. Any day now it seems, I can’t wait to taste them.The rest of the tomatoes are still little green babies.

Yorkshire always has fun out in the garden hiding among the pots and eating low hanging leaves. He pulled up a dead root and it’s the only thing he plays with out.(why do i buy in toys?)


he tried to take the dead root and a dead plant into the house. But I had to tell him that stuff stays outside.



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