Starting The Outlander Costume

While still working on my spring summer Historical costume project I have started on my Historical fall. Well at least the things I could make for cheap in about two days. I decided to stay in the 18th century. It is my favorite after all

This fall I pick a costume from the tv show Outlander to recreate and put my own little spin own. Now I have a very LONG list of costume I love from the show and I hope I can get to a few of them in the next year but for now one will do. I choose  this lovely little Highland number with a cowl, skirt and jacket.


via Far Far Away site


I’m still on a fabric hunt for skirt fabric but I decided to get the easiest part of this costume out the way.

The Cowl

This was my chance to put my newly learn skill of crochet to work and use in a costume.

I searched the internet for a similar cowl pattern and found this one from Simplicity Highlander Crochet Cowl. The pattern is free and great for beginners. I was able to make the cowl in two days in between daily routine.








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